Utopia, Landscape
& Contemporary Photography

The Project

Edge of a Dream is a research project looking at contrasting ideas of utopia in recent landscape photography, in the context of global capitalism. The project considers how such photography might contest received ideas of property, community, location and beauty, etc.

Photography by artists Simryn Gill, Mandy Lee Jandrell, Virginia Nimarkoh and David Spero provides the catalyst for new writing by Anthony Iles, Kate Soper and John Wood.

Edge of a Dream involved a series of seminars held at Camberwell College of Arts and Goldsmiths during 2008 and 2009. Research from the project will culminate in a book to be published in 2009, with an introductory text by Paul Halliday.

Camberwell College of Arts Research Office and the Department of Design, Goldsmiths have supported this project. Edge of a Dream is a research project led by Virginia Nimarkoh.

© All images courtesy the artists